• LaMancha First's and Other Highlights

    Advanced Registry:
    The first AR LaMancha does are listed in the 1960 AMGRA Handbook (AR6)
    Five does from the Bomar (Soen's) herd:
    Fay's Blondie L-35, age 5 yrs - 301 2544 118.5
    Fay's Saucy Flossie L-45, age 6 yrs - 305 2308 106.7
    Fay's Mary Lou L-18, age 5 yrs - 305 2096 91.9
    Fay's Pollyette L-63, age 5 yrs - 305 2454 113.4
    Fay's Dusty L-21, age 6 yrs - 305 1465 64.4

    The first LaMancha doe to break 3,000 lbs on official test is listed in the 1961 AMGRA Handbook: Fay's Spider L-85owned by Amos Nixion: 4-0 305 3295 115.8.
    This record for LaManchas stood for 12 years, until 1973, when it was topped by Tomahawk's Faith L1406, owned by Steven Schack, with a production of 1-11 305 3408 97.
    In 1974 Goat City Marzipan 2*M L-1049, owned by Ray Vieira set a new All-Time record of
    2-11 305 4510 156.

    The first Advanced Registry Herd Sire LaMancha buck was Fay's Anthony L-6, owned by Mrs. Frey.  This buck is listed in Volume 8, the 1962 AMGRA Handbook.

    The first LaManchas in a National show were the 31 entries in the 1962 National Dairy Goat Show at the Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, CA, judged by George Procter.
    This show produced the first LaMancha National Champion, Midolane Little Francis L-198,owned by K-Lou Ranch, bred by Mrs. Dunlap.  The doe was 5 years of age.
    Midolane Little Francis L-198, First LaMancha National Champion 1962

    The first of any breed to repeat a National Show win was Midolane Little Francis, in 1962.  She earned the second leg toward her championshop that year, and also attained *M status; however, she never became a permanent champion.

    The first doe of any breed to be named National Champion three times was GCH Rocinante Kellie *M.  She earned this award at the 1980, 1981 and 1982 National Shows.

    Spotlight Sale:
    The first Spotlight Sale LaMancha was Bomar Blondie's Golden Queen L-165,consigned by Mr and Mrs. R. W. Soens, and purchased by Mrs. C. W. Channel of Arcadia, Florida, for $95 at the 1960 Spotlight Sale.

    The first LaMancha to top the Spotlight Sale was *B Longden Acres C. Lucky Bid A/I,bred by Nancy Lake.  This buck sold for $4,100 at the 1982 sale.

    Colorama Sale:
    There were 3 LaManchas consigned to the first Colorama Sale, held August 27, 1977, in Columbus Ohio.  The highest selling LaMancha was a doe kid, DeWitt Lenae,consigned by Page Dewitt of Mesa, Arizona, and purchased by Roger and Kay Bowers of Conover, Ohio, for $410.00.

    "Colorama" is certainly an appropriate name for this sale, but did you know that the namesake for this sale is a LaMancha?  Nixon's Miss Colorama L1086,was consigned by Amos D Nixon to the 1970 Spotlight Sale that was held in Pomona, California.  She was purchased by Dr. Richard H. Stoneback via a telephone hookup to his home.

    The first official national sale was held in conjunction with the ADGA National Show in 1977, in Columbus, Ohio

    Audry Evans, the chair of the National Sales Committee (previously called the ADGA Spotlight Sale Committee, renamed at the 1977 annual meeting), reports that the committee felt this new sale needed a "catchy" name.  She says that after thinking of a number of possibilities, they recalled the "colorful" name of the LaMancha doe that had been consigned to the Spotlight Sale some years earlier and with the permission of the Nixon's, the name Colorama was chosen


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